After seeking care at Destiny Chiropractic, Tony is doing something he hadn’t dreamed of doing before: he’s planning a hiking trip!

Tony was kindly referred to us by another member of the Destiny Chiropractic community (his wife). In fact, he truly only came to us after his wife insisted. Tony works for a major retailer as a delivery man: meaning he does lots of driving and hefting heavy boxes of goods around.

When he joined Destiny Chiropractic, not only did Tony feel like he wasn’t living to his full potential, he also felt completely unheard and misunderstood by the conventional medical professionals he had previously sought help from. Chiropractic care was a new and uncharacteristic approach for Tony, but he was in a place of despair: after 8 pain relief injections into his neck and 4 into his lower back over the course of a few months, he was feeling better instead of worse. Tony was experiencing such intense neck and back pain that he could hardly move; the pain was spreading to his legs and arms and he was unable to sleep.

It was a tough journey for Tony and, as is sometimes the case with the healing process, he experienced a period of feeling a whole lot worse before getting better. Happily, he persisted on his journey and now reports his neck pain as all but gone and his back pain as significantly reduced.

Please note: Our Client Stories are all based on real Case Studies but the identities of the individuals have been changed in order to maintain their privacy.

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