Realign and strengthen your brain-body connection

And enjoy living your life to the fullest again

You might have some questions about chiropractic and how it could help you, we’ve tried to answer as many of these questions as possible, if you have any questions still unanswered, why not join one of our FREE health talks?

What is chiropractic?

Firstly, chiropractors don’t just crack spines – despite common misconceptions!

At Destiny Chiropractic, we locate dysfunctional areas of the spine which block the nervous system from functioning at its optimum. Using gentle adjustment techniques, we help unblock those areas to get your bodily systems communicating and working together in harmony again. Once all your bodily systems are working in harmony again, you’ll be able to enjoy living life to the fullest.


What is chiropractic for?

We believe chiropractic can support most people: the way we live our daily lives and use and move our bodies now is largely counter to our evolution. This daily stress on our cleverly evolved bodies can lead to discomfort and pain which can impact on how you live your life. We want you to know that pain and poor posture are not necessarily a “normal” and inevitable part of life: it’s time to set a new normal of living life fully into old age, we say! There is no upper or lower age limit to care. In fact, the youngest patient we have seen has been 2 days old, and the oldest 98 years old. If vitality is your ambition: chiropractic is for you.

If you are currently experiencing a condition caused by a sports injury, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches (arising from the neck) and migraines, sciatica, or discomfort during pregnancy; chiropractic care may be able to support your comfort and healing journey. Whether you are currently experiencing pain or not, realigning and strengthening the brain-body connection is an important investment in your long-term wellbeing.

How is care at Destiny Chiropractic different?

Whilst we are a regulated healthcare profession, we don’t go in for white coats and stark clinics. We believe that you are more likely to see results when you are relaxed and at ease in your environment. For you to see the most benefits from your visits, you’ll probably need to make a few lifestyle adjustments; we’re here to support you in that journey.

Health talks – so that you can understand the Destiny Chiropractic difference and how your life could be changed through our care, we offer twice weekly FREE health talks for those considering joining our community.

Initial consultation – at this private session, you’ll have the space to fully share your health journey, your lifestyle and we’ll also assess your posture alongside an exam (plus referrals for x-rays, where necessary).

Once a diagnosis is made, we’ll formulate a care plan together and you’ll join our community.

Visits – we’re strong believers in the power of people working on their healing together so adjustments and support are carried out in a group setting.

Ongoing support – far from sending you off on your merry way once the care plan is complete, we provide ongoing support in your health journey including; regular check ins and top ups, weekly yoga classes, events and regular blogs.

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