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“You’re in a body that has a natural tendency towards health and can overcome almost anything if you allow it to perform its own magic.”

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Welcome to Destiny Chiropractic

You can find our small expert team and empowered community in West Malling, Kent.
We do chiropractic a little bit differently.

The Destiny Chiropractic difference

It’s our mission to support you in realigning and strengthening your brain-body connection.

You may associate chiropractic care with neck pain, sciatica and other forms of discomfort. Whilst we do help with these conditions, to us, chiropractic has so much more to offer than pain relief. We’re very focused on holistic and preventative healthcare: just about everybody can benefit from chiropractic care, due to the demands of modern living.

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Client Stories

Part of the Destiny Chiropractic difference is our wonderful community and we’re proud to be able to share some of their health journeys with you.

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Blogs from Destiny

Be inspired to make positive lifestyle changes and get some answers on chiropractic through our blog posts.

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The Team

You can be assured of safe, expert and compassionate care here at Destiny Chiropractic. Our small team are passionate about what they do and would love to welcome you to the practice.

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Introducing our approach

Introducing our approach
Client Stories

Client Stories

When you come to Destiny Chiropractic for care, you also gain the support of our other clients. After your initial consultation, you’ll experience your visits in a group setting; benefitting from the relaxing and positive energy this brings to the space.

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Latest News

How Chiropractic can support you in feeling calmer and more resilient to life’s daily stresses

Whether it’s exams and studying, job pressures or family life causing you stress the physiological response these things cause in your body is similar to when we were trying...

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How Chiropractic can support you in feeling calmer and more resilient to life’s daily stresses