A small practice with a big mission

Get to know the face behind Destiny Chiropractic

Destiny Chiropractic was born around 5 years ago, when Chiropractor Destiny Krogsgaard discovered the vitalistic model of working – after spending 24 years in this field of medicine – finally a way of working that looks at the whole person instead of the symptom! Since discovering the vitalistic approach, it has become our mission, as a team, to share this with as many people as possible.

Put simply, our mission is to get you to:
– Look at healthcare from a different perspective – discover the best ways for you to care for your body
– Move from surviving to thriving: bringing a sense of ease and vitality to your daily life experience
– Reconnect you with yourself and your community
– Feel truly heard and understood

We’ve moved away from the somewhat lonely and sterile westernised therapeutic pain management version of chiropractic practice. Ours is a fun, high energy and safe open plan environment where human connection, music and tailored chiropractic adjustments come together to facilitate and amplify your healing journey. For us, Destiny Chiropractic is our “happy place” and we want to support YOU in finding and experiencing your happy place, in day to day life.

Destiny Krogsgaard
Destiny Krogsgaard

Destiny is a vitalistic chiropractor and owner of Destiny Chiropractic in West Malling, Kent. She uses specific chiropractic adjustments to re-connect people with Source energy, their innate intelligence and their own natural healing abilities. She believes the body can heal itself without the need for drugs or surgery, provided the physical, chemical and emotional environment is right. Chiropractic helps all three of these areas by restoring the function of the nervous system.

Destiny is frequently asked to present talks on chiropractic to peers and students at seminars across Europe. As she is so passionate about spreading the message, she has created a sponsorship group to enable students to go to vitalistic seminars.

Destiny endeavors to support local charities; offering free posture checks and talks about health to charity staff and volunteers. As her way of benefitting more people on a global scale through chiropractic, Destiny is a passionate supporter of the only chiropractic orphanage in the world, based in Haiti.

Destiny holds a Bachelor of Science degree and Doctorate in Chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and University of Portsmouth. She is a Member of the United Chiropractic Association and is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (reg no. 01284).

United Chiropractic General Chiropractic Council
“The power that made the body heals the body.”
B.J.Palmer DC, PhC